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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why take a DNA test?

Almost every cell in your body contains DNA – code inherited from your mother & father, and their ancestors. DNA is like your body’s instruction manual, telling your cells how to behave. 

Our test investigates sections of your DNA code for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPs are changes in the DNA code that can impact the behaviour of your genes. Your DNA code never changes but diet and lifestyle measures can support and improve the function of your genes.

How can Vitagen-X help me?

We help you to understand how your unique set of SNPs impacts your gene function, what that means for your health, and what to do about it. We explain how you may be positively or negatively impacted and which diet and lifestyle changes would be most beneficial for you.

Why should I trust this advice?

All of our claims and advice are evidence-based and backed by scientific studies. We only report on well-researched SNPs where the evidence points strongly to the biochemical impact. All of our diet and lifestyle advice is formulated by qualified nutrition professionals. 

Will I learn anything scary?

No. We don’t report on any genetic diseases. We only report on genes and SNPs where the impact and/or risk can be improved through positive diet and lifestyle change. 


Who has access to my data?

We take data security seriously. To ensure customer protection, we only identify samples with a unique barcoded ID and do not provide any personal details to laboratories whatsoever. 

Our laboratories do not disclose or share data with any party other than Vitagen-x and DNA samples are destroyed 3 months after they have been analysed.

Vitagen-x does not share client information, results, or reports with any third party other than the authorised practitioner and/or client, unless expressly requested.

You can request your full raw data file from us at any time.

Expert opinion:

Vitagen-X is a relatively new, small, UK-based DNA testing company that is owned and run by a woman who is a registered nutritional therapist. This means that the company is small enough to care for its customers, yet – since the company owner doesn’t do the DNA sequencing herself – it should also be big enough to cope or to scale as customer numbers increase.

Written by Tony Loton : Writer for DNA Weekly