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Intestinal permeability commonly called ‘leaky gut syndrome’ is a condition where small holes develop in our digestive lining. This can happen as a result of infection, certain medication (particularly steroids and anti-inflammatories),alcohol consumption, poor diet, intestinal dysbiosis and chronic stress. These holes allow larger molecules (such as bits of food) to pass into the blood stream where they are tagged by the immune systems as ‘invaders’. This can lead to multiple food sensitivities, chronic inflammation and is thought to be a trigger for autoimmune conditions. [1]

Intestinal dysbiosis is the term used to describe an excess of certain bacteria, fungi or yeast in the intestines. This can cause many unpleasant symptoms from flatulence and diarrhoea to mood swings, hormone imbalance (particularly high oestrogen) and poor immunity. Dysbiosis can occur as a result of antibiotic use, an infection and driven by poor diet. [2]